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While a lot has changed since 1640 the production of Fuechschen Altbier has very much survived the centuries unscathed.

Pre-History- Neandrethal is a Dusseldorf neighbourhood. While we have no information on Neanderthal man’s beer preferences we do know that early germanic Tribes were amongst the first to perfect the brewing process in the area aroundd Dusseldorf.

1288- Battle of Worringen leads to the official incorporation of the city of Dusselddorf

1640-  the first documentation of the brewery producing a popular ale „in the small Fox“ as the beerhall was referred to in times before civic numbers marked the address. [all kind of folk]

1848- The brewery on Rattinger Strasse officially becomes Fuechschen Alt, this date also confirms the earliest production of the same, unchanged altbier formula as we know it today.

1908-  Fuechschen becomes royalty. Theodore and Louise Koning (german for king) purchased the brewery and began escalating to beer stardom, a fame that was interrupted by world war 1 a mere six years later

1930- The Koning brothers re-open the brewery and carry on their late father Theodore’s family trade. A celebration that also was unfortunately cut short 6 years later with the countries preparation of yet another world war. This war saw the near demolition of the brewery, causing the brewers to seek shelter in the subterranean beer storage tanks.

1950- „Pitter“ and Johanna Koning reopened the doors to the Fuechschen Brewery and restaurant, creating a celebrated meeting spot that soon became one of the favorite hangouts in the city, drawing prominent artists such as Gustav Grundgens, Freidrich Karl Flick and Joseph Beuys from the nearby Art academy.

195?- Renovation

1954-World cup
1972- Peter „Pitter“ Koning death left his wife Johanna in charge of managing the brewery with their son, also a Peter „Pitter“ Koning. Pitter was a master Brewer and master Butcher that was later known to keep staff and guests under control on rowdy nights from inside an old confession booth converted in to
1974-world Cup

1990- World cup

1995-Peter takes charge
Queen endorsment
2009?- Armie, a robotic arm with laser vision takes over the beer filling duties.
2014-World Cup

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 2.10.58 PMIMG-20141015-WA0000_1GrandpaPeterBrewing1960

Brauerei im Füchschen
Brauerei im Füchschen

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