Füchschen Pils tastes good
intensely tart, full of character, fresh and knows how to inspire.

Tender, bitter malt and hops note.
Refined with flowery aroma hops.

Brewed under fermentation,
strictly according to the purity law.

5.2% ABV

Many different specialty malts.
Flowery aroma hops.
Düsseldorf water.
5-week ripening storage.

Party Keg

Füchschen Alt’s and Pils limited-edition 5 l party kegs have become a very popular collectible.

The slightly smug and often provocative cartoon foxes have fans from Düsseldorf to Sydney.

Even HRH Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed one we made in her honor, for her Jubilee.


At Füchschen Altbier is traditionally served out of a wooden cask with a spout.

The traditional 50 l wooden barrels are only available to our Zappes to masterfully tap and pour at our restaurant.