Füchschen is malt-forward and sophisticated yet easy to drink.

Brilliant copper clarity.
Complex caramel malts.
Hints of toasted bread.

37 IBU

Hand crafted.
Top fermented in open tanks.

4.8% ABV

5 Specialty malts.
Aroma hops.
Düsseldorf water.


6x 0.33 l bottles

beer crate

16x 0,50 l bottles

Our 5l disposable party kegs with constantly changing motifs have become real collector's items.
The cheeky foxes with their lively sayings have fans from Düsseldorf to Sydney.

Even Queen Elizabeth II was delighted with the party keg designed in her honor.

Of course, we have developed drums that are easier to tap for our customers.

And we also offer the necessary accessories.

operation manual

The spring valve and tap are based on the original design.
That looks good and works even better.
Füchschen Alt does not spray while tapping!
Barrels available in volumes of 30, 20 and 10 liters.

At Füchschen Altbier is traditionally served out of a wooden cask with a spout.

The traditional 50 l wooden barrels are only available to our Zappes to masterfully tap and pour at our restaurant.