The Brewhouse.

Füchschen has been brewed in the same brewery since it’s very beginnings. The early stages of this chicken and egg relationship between our building and it’s copper-colored creation are hazy to us today. We can however trace the alehouse as far back as 1640.

Our brewery and legendary restaurant have evolved throughout the years to meet the growing demand for our craft in a true testament to the term German efficiency. Find out how Alt is made.


Frank our master brewer and craft-beer artisan is constantly improving and expanding the brewery while maintaining a consistent flow of Füchschen.

Together with his team of fearless brewers, Frank preserves our unique strain of yeast while perpetuating the handcrafted Altbier tradition.

If Grandpa Peter only knew…

Occasionally our team creatively apply their secrets to different formulas to make small batches of other strictly Reinheitsgebot brews.

This year look out for some of our limited-edition interpretations of old recipes.

Don’t tell Grandpa!